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Through the concept of gamification, we apply technology, innovation and methods of the gaming world to a large diversity of daily processes, improving its level of adoption and encouraging specific behaviors. When a routine activity is fun, we tend to complete it more quickly and with better quality.

There are plenty of benefits of using gamification, such as attracting and retaining audiences and clients to a brand, encouraging our collaborators to perform tasks that can be considered boring or improving the training processes, applied to students and instructors, just to mention a few of them.

With more than 20 years of experience in areas such as people management, business management training and management skills, both in companies and post-graduate courses, we provide our gamification technology solutions, applicable in a wide range of professional environments.

Gamification concept

Technology and game methods integrated into our daily processes in order to improve their performance

"Funny is not the opposite of serious. Fun is the opposite of boring, and nothing else."

G.K. Chesterton

Gamification applied in all industries and organizations


Support for advanced education
Illustrate business cases with simulations
Leading decision making process improves students problems understanding and enables educators to teach key concepts.
High performace teams
Human resources and organization
Create high performing teams
Increasing work teams engagement in the business processes we improve the organizations performance enabling companies to achieve their targets.
Gamification infography
Marketing and sales
Improve customers retention
Encourage interactions with customers by the use of game mechanics facilitating the loyalty process.
Service providing technology architecture
Advanced technology components to implement bespoke solutions, supported by flexible infrastructure and simple integration methods.


Our solutions at a glance

Designed to improve results

These are some examples that inspire us when creating our gamification solutions: innovative, based on business realities, and applicable to all industries and organizations.


Gamificacion services with total flexibility

No customer infrastructure required. No software installation needed. Just decide when you want it and how many user will have access.
Start using immediately the solutions of our gamifications portfolio.
Contact us if you want to create your own gamification project or to adapt any of our existing ones.
Team Tuning EN
2019-02-03 21:07
Team Tuning A practical and innovative way to improve our team management skills. Introduction Effectively leading teams by managing our scarcest r
5 5 1 Product
Sales Cyclum EN
2017-10-31 12:16
Sales Cyclum Innovation at the service of business management training Introduction In-depth analysis of the sales cycle activities Sales Cyclum i
5 5 1 Product
Candies Game
2017-10-30 13:17
Candies Game An all-new, "sweeter" take on the classic "Beer Game". Introduction Inspired by a 60s classic. Candies Game is a gamification inspi
5 5 1 Product

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We provide our gamification technology solutions, applicable in a wide range of professional environments.

Our courses

We offer classroom and online courses including our gamification solutions. Training the trainers as an option.