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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a gamification instance?

It is a gamification solution of our catalog that is activated at a specific date and works for a number of days with the purpose of providing a service to a specific number of users, as per the client’s selections at the time of the purchase.

I have bought a gamification solution. What are the next steps?

After confirming the payment for your order, you will obtain an Access Code and an Administrator PIN. You will be able to view them by accessing them from the Client section of the main Website. The Access Code should be used by all users that will access the gamification solution. The Administrator PIN should only be known by the user/s who will access the gamification’s administration functions. The gamification solution will become active at the start date you have selected and will be available for the number of days you have specified in your order.

How many Access Codes are required by a group of users to access a gamification solution?

One. All users of a single gamification solution share the same Access Code, even though each user’s access is individually controlled by means each user’s access credentials for the platform.

What is the use of the Administrator PIN?

The gamification instance administrator is a user that has access to certain functions and special permissions of the gamification, such as changing specific operating parameters – for instance, business variables – or accessing individual user results for the instance. This profile may correspond to that of a group coordinator, trainer or manager. It is an optional profile, because all gamifications work with parameters that are already set to default values.

I have an Access Code, how can I access the gamification solution?

If you have not yet done so, you must first register as a user on the platform. You may then follow the links in our homepage that lead to a form where you enter your Access Code after checking your credentials. Once your Access Code has been entered, you will be able to access the gamification whenever you want, during its period of validity, from the user section.

When can users access the gamification solution?

They can access from 00:00 a.m. hours of the starting date for which the gamification solution was purchased. The 00:00 a.m. hours of the time zone selected during the purchasing process will be taken into account. The gamification service will remain open until its intended period has expired, as specified in the order.

How many times can users access their active gamification solutions?

As many times as they want. Users can access their active gamification services all the times they want as long as they haven’t expired.

What is the maximum number of users that can access a gamification instance?

The number of users that were purchased as part of the order. It is limited by the options provided by the online purchase process for each type of gamification.

What is the maximum time, in days, during which a gamification instance can be used?

The maximum duration of a gamification instance is variable and limited by the options provided by the online purchase process for each time of gamification.

Is my credit card information stored?

All credit card transactions are made through PayPal over secure servers, and under no circumstance do we store your account or credit card information.

Can I cancel a hired gamification service?

Should you wish to cancel a gamification service scheduled for a specific date, you may contact us at support@diantum.com and request its cancellation no later than 48 hours in advance before its starting date.

When do I receive the Access Code to my gamification solution?

If you pay online, this will happen immediately after your purchase, right after the payment confirmation by PayPal. If you pay via bank transfer, the order confirmation and issuance of Access Codes will take place once it is received. In all cases you will be able to verify the Access Code and Administration PIN for the hired gamification by accessing your order.


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