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Sales Cyclum

Innovation at the service of business management training


In-depth analysis of the sales cycle activities

Sales Cyclum is a gamification that illustrates the processes of the sales cycle and the BANT (Budget/Authority/Needs/Timeframe) model as a tool to classify prospective customers. It shows the importance of an adequate time management in each phase of the sales activity: since the leads are identified, through the sales visit phase, to the presentation of offers and the execution of the contracts.

Due to its design, which includes processes and methods that are commonly seen in any business organization, it is a highly valuable tool for the training of personnel of the marketing and sales departments in all sectors. And also for business management and marketing students of advanced training centers and schools of business. It may be used both for on-site and on-line training, and all content is available in English and Spanish.

With a functionality that aims to illustrate the key aspects of success in the sales cycle, and relying on the most advanced technology, it is an exceptional solution for professors and students who wish to analyze the key aspects of the world of sales management in an interactive and visual manner.

Subject matter

The challenge of accomplishing sales goals with the highest level of sales efficiency

At Sales Cyclum, users face the challenge of achieving set sales goals within the timeline established for that purpose.

Users have full managerial autonomy to prioritize their sales actions, making the decisions that they consider to be most suitable. As in real life, Sales Cyclum’s sales managers need to perform various tasks in order to accomplish their goals, such as, for example, generate leads, use the BANT prospective customer classification model to evaluate their propensity to make a purchase, schedule visits to explain the products or services, prepare offers and present them and organize meetings in order to close the sales. The gamification introduces certain variability criteria in relation to the level of success of the tasks or their duration, as well as when establishing the degree of propensity to make a purchase of prospective customers.

There is no real time limit when using Sales Cyclum. Each user can play at his own pace. However, Sales Cyclum establishes a duration for the performance of the tasks based on the type of activity. This duration is subject to variations, such as, for example, in regard to the time dedicated to carrying out meetings with the customers. This “virtual” simulator time is the time that the user needs to take advantage of, since it is consumed. Correctly prioritizing and adequately managing the time is important in order to achieve set goals.

At all times, users may review all the metrics for their results in a visual and interactive manner.

Detailed rules of the game are available within the simulator itself, including a suggestions section, and a great deal of online help is provided throughout the process.

Administration module for educators

Allows for modifying the degree of difficulty and records individual player results

Sales Cyclum has an administration module that is especially designed to offer specific added-value features for teachers. More specifically, administrators will be able to modify the simulator’s control variables that affect the behavior of the game for their user groups:

  • The “virtual” duration of the game.
  • Number of contacts to accomplish sales goals.
  • Use of the BANT model in the lead generation phase.

It is recommended that Sales Cyclum is used in both modes in order to analyze the benefits of using the BANT model since the first phase of the sales process.

This module offers teachers an ideal tool to adjust the difficulty in relation to the accomplishment of sales goals for students. This is interesting when encouraging students to perform different game runs, increasing the difficulty and seeing how that impacts the goal accomplishment graphs, the conversion ratio or the level of sales efficiency. Students can compete against each other, since at the end of the process, a scatter plot shows individual results in relation to the rest of the group.

Educators also have access to the final results of each run for each of the students in their group or instance; therefore, Sales Cyclum can be used as an on-line evaluation tool or to generate a classification.

Learning subjects

  • Sales cycle
  • BANT model
  • Prioritization of activities and time management
  • Sales goals
  • Conversion ratio
  • Sales efficiency
  • Degrees of propensity to make a purchase
  • Prospective customers
  • The preparation and performance of sales visits
  • The preparation and presentation of offers
  • Contract execution
  • Negativity

Teaching note available

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2017-11-05 12:21
Achieving the target depends on time management, as usual.
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