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Candies Game
2017-10-30 13:17
Candies Game An all-new, "sweeter" take on the classic "Beer Game". Introduction Inspired by a 60s classic. Candies Game is a gamification inspi
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Sales Cyclum EN
2017-10-31 12:16
Sales Cyclum Innovation at the service of business management training Introduction In-depth analysis of the sales cycle activities Sales Cyclum i
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Team Tuning EN
2019-02-03 21:07
Team Tuning A practical and innovative way to improve our team management skills. Introduction Effectively leading teams by managing our scarcest r
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Candies Game

The game demonstrates the complexity of the decision-making process when managing a business that, as part of the supply chain, aims to offer the highest level of service to its customers while incurring on the lowest possible operating costs.

  • Challenge: achieve the maximum level of service with the best possible profit and service level
  • 40 periods
  • Inventory management
  • Service level and profitability
  • Configurable parameters: lead time, initial stock level, demand variability, price

Sales Cyclum

Sales Cyclum is a gamification that illustrates the processes of the sales cycle and the BANT model (Budget/Authority/Need/Timeframe) as a method to qualify prospective customers. It shows the importance of adequate time management at each stage of sales activities: from the moment a new lead or prospective customer is identified, through the various business processes, until a sale is closed.

  • Challenge: achieve sales goals with the best business efficiency
  • The BANT model (Budget/Authority/Need/Timeframe)
  • Business activities detail in the sales cycle
  • Conversion rate and sales efficiency
  • Prioritization and time management
  • Configurable parameters: goals accomplishment level, simulation duration, active BANT model (YES/NO)

Candies Game

  • In-company education, schools of business, advanced education centres and universities
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management subjects and programs
  • Inventory Management and Logistics advanced training
  • MBA programs and executive education

Sales Cyclum

  • In-company education, schools of business, advanced education centres and universities
  • Marketing and Sales Management subjects and programs
  • Sales Force Training
  • MBA programs and executive education
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